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What is Period Poverty?

Half of the world menstruates. And the average menstruating person uses over 9,000 pads or tampons throughout their lifetime, resulting in an expenditure greater than $2,000.

Having access to period products is a human right, but then how is it fair for this right to be so costly and unaffordable for many menstruators around the globe?

This is the issue of period poverty, affecting millions of menstruators every day. It has no one identity or target and can exist just about anywhere, from schools, shelters, prisons, you name it.

And during today’s COVID-19 pandemic, period poverty has affected more people than ever. With a skyrocketing unemployment rate and demand for free and paid menstrual products, supply is limited, and accessibility continues to plummet.

This is period poverty today but it doesn’t have to be period poverty tomorrow. You can donate, raise awareness, educate, and make a difference –– to give this human right back to half of our world.


Visit the Massachusetts’ Menstrual Equity Coalition website here

Visit Mass NOW’s website here

Stay tuned for videos on menstrual equity and the I AM Bill.

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