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Calling all menstrual activists, advocacy organizations, non-profits, businesses, and public servants in Massachusetts & beyond. Public policy does not adequately address the needs of menstruating people. Massachusetts has an opportunity to change that. Mass NOW’s I AM bill would provide access to free menstrual products, without stigma, to all menstruating individuals in public schools, homeless shelters, and prisons. And we need your help!

The Massachusetts Menstrual Equity Coalition is comprised of various stakeholders

and is works on:

Collecting & analyzing data about period povertystay tuned for more information about our 2021 State of Menstrual Access Survey!

Smashing the stigma around periods through consciousness-raisings  and pop up events to strengthen our personal narratives for advocacy and take menstruation out of the closet.

Pursuing period policy to address the needs of menstruating people across the Commonwealth.

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