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Our vision

Calling all menstrual activists, advocacy organizations, non-profits, businesses, and public servants in Massachusetts & beyond:

No one should have to choose between food, a roof over their head, their education, and access to menstrual products and yet every day in Massachusetts, menstruators are forced to make exactly that choice. The I AM bill would ensure access to free menstrual products, without stigma, to all menstruating individuals in public schools, homeless shelters, and prisons. And we need your help!


Founded in 2019, the Massachusetts Menstrual Equity Coalition is a group of activists and organizations coming together to end period poverty statewide. Today we are 400+ activists working on the following priorities: Organizing to pass the I AM bill and end period poverty in prisons, shelters and schools statewide, the Fall River Menstrual Equity Project, Period Art Pop Up shows & more.

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