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Menstrual Equity Research

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state of
menstrual access
in Massachusetts IN 2019

Mass NOW distributed their “State of Menstrual Access Survey” to school nurses, shelter administrators, and Department of Corrections personnel across the state. Mass NOW received responses from 230 schools, all six county correctional facilities, and homeless shelters from all over Massachusetts. Based on those responses, here’s what we know about the state of menstrual access in the Commonwealth.


of school nurses reported observing students missing class to obtain menstrual products


of responding shelters reported that their shelter does not provide menstrual products

Many school nurses and shelter workers reported they do not have a sufficient supply of products to meet the needs of the menstruators they serve. 



County facilities reported distribution plans for providing free menstrual products and 2 have documented policies

We’re currently undergoing a 5 year update to the state of menstrual access survey, stay tuned!

period policy ensures true accessibility

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