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END PEriod Poverty

Join the Massachusetts Menstrual Equity Coalition


No one should have to choose between food, a roof over their head, their education, and access to menstrual products and yet every day in Massachusetts, menstruators are forced to make exactly that choice.


Founded in 2019, the MA Menstrual Equity Coalition is 400+ menstrual activists, advocacy organizations, non profits, businesses, and public servants who've come together to end period poverty statewide.

In October the Massachusetts State Senate unanimously voted to pass S. 2491, An Act to increase access to disposable menstrual products in Prisons, Homeless Shelters and Public Schools (I AM Bill)! 

However, we still need the House to bring the bill to a vote to get the bill over the finish line! Write your Representatives and ask them to pass H.534,

the I AM Bill!

MME Coalition l The I AM Bill

MME Coalition l The I AM Bill

Captions: Have you ever noticed the lack of public access to menstrual products? Non menstruating people go into the bathroom expecting their basic bodily needs will be met. This is not the case for people who are menstruating. If you are a student or resident of MA you can help make these products more accessible throughout your state. Introducing the I AM Bill. If passed, the I AM Bill would provide free menstrual products to all 6th-12th graders in Massachusetts schools, shelters, and prisons. The bill also contains language ensuring that individuals seeking these products are never stigmatized for doing so. But to do this, we need your help. Join Mass NOW and the MME Coalition, advocate for the I AM bill, sign the petition, download the toolkit and submit your testimony. Now, more than ever, it’s becoming increasingly important to invest in public health. No one should have to choose between food, a roof over their head, education, and access to menstrual products. Yet public policy does not address the needs of menstruating people. With your help, Massachusetts has the opportunity to change that. Visit the Massachusetts’ Menstrual Equity Coalition website at to Join the coalition Sign the petition Request or donate products Contact your legislator Visit Mass NOW’s website at to Download the advocacy toolkit Donate Stay tuned for videos on menstrual equity and the I AM Bill. Follow us on Instagram! @mme.coalition @massnow
Menstrual Equity Summit | Introduction and Keynote by Dr. Chris Bobel

Menstrual Equity Summit | Introduction and Keynote by Dr. Chris Bobel

This video is an excerpt from the Menstrual Equity Summit that took place on Saturday, January 28, 2023 at Northeastern University. Featured is the Panel on Mobilizing to End Period Poverty. The Panelists include: Ally Crays, Charlotte Powley, Eiko Lo Boria, Lacey Gero, Leimary Llopiz, and Aleza, Dariely, and Alice - moderated by Senator Liz Miranda (2nd Suffolk Area). Panelists: Ally Crays is a current law student at Northeastern University School of Law. She is studying Public Interest Law while also earning a Graduate Certificate in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. She is a published author on menstrual equity legal advocacy methods and also serves on PERIOD.‘s Board of Directors. Charlotte Powley is a Public Health Professor at Brandeis and Simmons University. Charlotte’s research is in the menstrual hygiene management (MHM) field, looking specifically at U.S. policies that mandate the provision of pads and tampons to students. She focuses on themes of gender equality, bodily integrity and autonomy, student belonging, and students’ sense of identity and voice. Eiko La Boria was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico and is a the founder of The Flow Initiative, a non profit fighting to eradicate period poverty, establish menstrual equity, and elevate gender equality. She serves as a United State of Women Ambassador for Gender Equality and an a member of the Equality, Period. NJ Coalition. Lacey Gero is the policy and coalition coordinator at the Alliance for Period Supplies. Lacey works with allied members across all 50 states to support legislative efforts that work to end period poverty and ensure menstrual equity. Leimary Llopiz is the Advocacy Coordinator for YW Southeastern Massachusetts. Since 2018, Leimary has worked with the YWCA to bring together students, community partners, & supporters to expand access to menstrual hygiene products & raise awareness about Period Poverty. Leimary is also co-chair for the Advocacy Committee of the Greater New Bedford Youth Alliance and the owner, and founder of Circle of Life Doulas LLC and Grief Means Love. Aleza, Dariely and Alice, six graders from Salem Public Schools who organized to make products free in all Salem schools last year as fifth graders. Moderated by Senator Liz Miranda (2nd Suffolk district). Senator Miranda is a community organizer, former youth worker, and entrepreneur who successfully ran for State Representative in 2018 to center those who have struggled when the government left us out of the conversation. Propelled to act after gun violence took the life of her brother, Senator Miranda has been a tireless fighter for families across the Commonwealth.
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