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Menstrual Equity Utopia

We believe that a world without period poverty is possible.

In a utopian reality, where menstrual equity is actualized, we’d see a few changes.

First, menstruators of all gender identities would have access to free products, regardless of where they were and their socioeconomic background.

Next, we’d see that even in the era of COVID-19, when people are losing their jobs and products are becoming increasingly scarce, menstruators would still be able to find places that are open and able to supply them with products.

Finally, like in New Zealand, England, and Scotland, our government would prioritize public health, bringing forth policy to reduce and eliminate period poverty for good.


Visit the Massachusetts’ Menstrual Equity Coalition website here

Visit Mass NOW’s website here

Stay tuned for videos on menstrual equity and the I AM Bill.

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