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I AM Bill refiled for the 3rd legislative session

Write your State Senators and Representatives to add their names as a co-sponsor to H.534 & S.1381: An Act to increase access to disposable menstrual products.

  • Approximately 1 out of 10 menstruators in MA lives in poverty and struggles to pay for menstrual products.

  • The federal government does not allow food stamps or WIC funds to be used for menstrual products.

  • Inability to access menstrual products affects students’ class attendance. Over half of MA school nurses reported seeing students miss class to get menstrual products.

  • Approximately 9,100 menstruators experienced homelessness in Massachusetts in 2022 and shelters report menstrual products are among the least donated items.

By ending Period Poverty we're tackling economic inequality, educational inequality & health inequality. We have models of best practices for implementation in schools, shelters & prisons right here in Massachusetts, and if passed the ‘I AM bill’ would ensure this right statewide.

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